We provide a range of psychiatric services by a staff of caring professionals.

One On One Mental Health Counseling

One-on-one-therapy sessions are a common means of growth and healing for many people. They allow people to meet their therapists regularly and discuss their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
At Twin Cities, our therapists strive to help clients understand themselves and their problems in order to cope with the demands of their everyday lives. They explore topics with you to address certain issues, so you can create a plan that aligns with your personal goals.

Group Psychotherapy sessions

Group therapy sessions involve several individuals working together on issues they share. It helps to create an atmosphere in which mutual confidence and support can develop.
Participants in our group psychotherapy sessions learn about themselves and improve their interpersonal skills. They also get to share their progress and solution to problems with other participants. Our therapists create a therapeutic atmosphere where all participants can learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives safely and confidentially.

Adult Mental Health Rehabilitation Services

ARMHS are needed to treat individuals aged 18 years or older who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and associated complex needs. The program helps encourage, assist, and empower clients to build and improve skills to meet the demands of (independent) community-based living.

Our ARMHS service can support you if you have mental health conditions and require treatment to overcome them. Our safe and comfortable mental health rehabilitation environment can help you rebuild living and vocational skills, and again become a useful part of the society.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance abuse is a critical problem across all segments of the population and impacts a lot of people in our communities. It requires treatment from a mental health counselor who specializes in treating patients who have a chemical dependency on drugs or alcohol.
Our therapists can help individuals understand what causes addiction, help them recognize the risks, and develop tools for coping with stressful situations. They build a relationship of trust with clients to give them the support, resources, and judgment-free guidance that patients can utilize on their road to addiction recovery.

Behavioral Health Crisis planning and interventions

If there is a mental health issue with someone, friends and family often have no idea what to do. A person undergoing a crisis can be unpredictable in his actions and may change his behavior drastically without warning.
Our experienced and multidisciplinary staff treats each person with behavioral issues as a unique individual. They interpret all their actions carefully and design a customized program that can help them behave normally like other individuals in the society.

Case Management

Case management services are designed to help people with psychiatric illnesses, substance abuse problems, or other personal challenges. Case management professionals advocate for those who may be unable to do so for themselves.
Our case management service helps to monitor, evaluate, and advocate for a package of multiple services to meet each client’s complex needs. These include crisis intervention, psychological assessment, patient counseling, etc.

Certified Peer Specialist Services

A certified peer specialist service has individuals with mental health or co-occurring disorders but with certified training in supporting peers through recovery.
Here at Twin Cities, we take pride in providing quality certified peer specialist services to help clients get the right support to recover from their mental health conditions. This service helps to build a relationship between peers based on mutual respect, trust, and experience sharing, which ultimately leads to a better recovery.